Sport or young children

Motor behavior of children represents the overall motor activity which is performed by children while playing, in sports and recreational activities, as well as in many other everyday activities at home, in school and during free time.
Motor behavior depends on different components, and in working with children in our program is the greatest attention is devoted to, it controls and develops the following:

Mission of Sport for Kids

Creating conditions and working on the proper development of children, developing motor abilities and education, improving the overall health of children, creating healthy life habits and relationship towards outer world.

Fulfilling the need professional and educational personnel work with children (educationalists of different disciplines) and they have the need to constantly improve their work and be prepared to be completely devoted in direct work with children.

Aims of Sport for Kids

  • Regular development of children through games, sports and music.

  • Prevention from spine, legs and feet deformity.

  • Improvement of children’s health.

  • Development of motor abilities.

  • Development of intellectual abilities.

  • Sociological development of children.

  • Improvement of emotional and psychological condition of children.

  • Creation of valuable, capable and healthy personality.

  • Improvement of pedagogical work with children.

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