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Skouras Sports and Language Camp is located in the village of Nees Fokies in Chalkidiki, one of the most famous summer resorts in Northern Greece. The camp has been operating since 1988. and thousands of children have had so far, a unique lifetime experience visiting the camp. The camp offers unforgettable summer holidays to children and teens aged 6 to 16, combining education, sports, and entertainment in a very well organized program that includes many daily activities, games and sports that kids enjoy. And all that in an area full of sunshine, crystal waters (5 min. walk to the beach) in the middle of a forest of pine-trees.

At any moment camp can accommodate 2500 kids and 500 people are always there to support them: Team leaders, trainers, rescuers, security officers, nurses, doctors, etc..

Distance from the closest “MACEDONIA” airport In Thessaloniki is 75 km. Every room has 4-6 double beds. All rooms have their own showers and toilets. During summer season 2017. Skouras camps will organize sports camp for children from all over the world. Kids will have the opportunity to experience the creative atmosphere, participate in interactive games, workshops, and in different types of competition in order to develop logic and creativity. The team of professionals has developed fun and educational program for children of all ages. Skouras camp season begins on 16.06.2017. and it ends during the beginning of September 2017.

SKOURAS camp sectors are: “Panorama”, “Peukorama”, “Athlorama” , “Xylorama”, “Kentrorama”  “Trenorama” “Skouras Village”

SKOURAS Team members

Team leader: responsible for 10-12 kids, leads those during the day to restaurant, activities, beach.

Group leader:  Group leader is in charge for 4-5 team leaders

Section leaders: Every section leader is responsible for one section in Skouras camp and for team and group leaders in that sector

Chief: Responsible for the whole SKOURAS Camp

TOPVOLLEY LEADER in SKOURAS CAMP:  The responsible person from our agency, responsible for providing support and follow the kids that are traveling through our agency.


Age: 7-17

 BEACH – SKOURAS Camp beach is located around 300 meters from the camp or 5 minutes by foot. Skouras Camp has organized rescue squad on the beach and on the pool also.


  • Within Skouras camp, kids have around 30 organized sports activities. Camp has:
  • Library
  • Amphitheater with 1500 places
  • Computer center with one room
  • Three pools (dimensions 25 m x 10 m x 3.10)
  • Seven basketball courts
  • Two tennis courts
  • Closed gym
  • Long jump path
  • Two volleyball courts
  • Two handball courts
  • Four soccer fields (2 with grass)
  • Mini Golf court
  • Three courts for beach volleyball
  • Two courts for beach soccer
  • Extreme sports sections
  • Forest Arena
  • Tae Kwon Do court
  • Cross Fit area
  • Athletic field

 Other activities can be also performed within camps such as chess, badminton, archery, parkour and others.

HEALTH SERVICES – The health clinic is opened 24 hours with one medical doctor and two nurses. If there is a need, kids are taken to the hospital in the closest city. If child which is participating in camp activities has certain health issues, this should be presented to camp management in written.

PARENTS DAY – If parents are close to the camp, they can visit their kids from 18-21 hours. They need to present their valid passport in order to be able to enter the camp.

FORBIDDEN – Smoking and alcohol are strictly forbidden within the camp. Leaving camp without the escort is also strictly forbidden.

FUN – Every night from 21:00 various events are organized in amphitheater, on pool and the beach

07:30-08:00 Wake up music and camp flag
08:00-08:30 Breakfast
09:30-12:30 Gymnastics – various sports
13:15-14:00 Lunch
14:30-16:30 Afternoon break
16:45-17:00 Afternoon snacks
17:00-19:30 Beach Activities
19:30-20:00 Shower after beach activities
20:15-21:00 Dinner
21:00-23:30 Evening fun, volleyball and basketball matches and other activities
23:30-00:00 End of the day

The next day, beach fun will be during the morning and sports activities in the afternoon.

SCUBA DIVING – Scuba diving courses and activities can be organized and they are not included in regular camp price

OPTIONAL TOURS /EXCURSIONS – Optional tours/visits to Afitos and Sunny beach, as well as visit to Thessaloniki, can be organized upon request.



Shifts Price per person
16.06. – 22.06. (6 nights) 250 eur
22.06. – 29.06. (7 nights) 315 eur
29.06. – 06.07. (7  nights) 315 eur
06.07. – 13.07. (7  nights) 315 eur
13.07. – 20.07. (7  nights) 315 eur
20.07. –  27.07. (7  nights) 315 eur
27.07. – 03.08. (7  nights) 315 eur
03.08. – 10.08. (7  nights) 315 eur
10.08. – 17.08. (7  nights) 315 eur
10.08. – 19.08. (9  nights) 365 eur
17.08. – 24.08. (7  nights) 315 eur
24.08. – 31.08. (7  nights) 260 eur



Tourist Agency SKOURAS DOO NOVI SAD OTP license No.54/2015.

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